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Making Pasta

 Cooking Classes

Cooking 101

-Fruit Sauces-

Fruit sauces are among the most versatile sauces you can ever master. They are great all year round and the seasonal availability can help take the guesswork out of what to do.

Seared Shrimp in a prosecco Palisade Peach Sauce

-The Greatest Base Sauce Ever-

This sauce is super simple and perhaps the most versatile sauce ever made. There are countless variations but for our purpose we will go with the most basic of them all.

Seared White Fish over Mixed Quinoa in a light Lemon Sauce

-Cream Sauces-

Cream sauces are easy once you understand a few important principles. From there... you can make so many amazing dishes.

Baked Smokestack Caprese in a Garlic Pink Cream Sauce


People are often intimidated by making real risotto. There are a couple key moments and tricks to pulling off impressive, authentic risotto. Again... once mastered this dish is as versatile as it comes.

Balsamic Tenderloin over Wild Mushroom Risotto


I want to show you a fun dessert that has some available variation to it while at the same time trying to show you a super versatile cream.

Fragole with Mascarpone Cream


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