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Rehearsal Dinners

At Wine Geek Food Freak, our favorite thing to do is to make each event as personal as possible. In addition to a customized menu, you can expect questions about every participant in an effort to provide a service that is unmatched in attention, invention, and intention! I can promise you an event that you will not soon forget... if ever. I know we won't!

 gourmet Wine Pairing Dinners

Ok... This is what we do! 5 course wine pairing dinners with poetry is our jam! Each event is unique in every sense of the word and emotions often run high. We definitely share many laughs (you might even hear a couple dirty jokes) and a few tears (I am poignantly aware of what it means to be alive and I am not here to waste my time, nor yours!) These are always the most significant of our events!

Cooking Classes

Informative, educationally sound, and super fun cooking classes. Learn five fantstic techniques that have countless variations to build upon. We will cook, laugh, eat and drink the day away. Be hungry and thirsty for this one!

Cocktail Parties

If your not looking for a sit down affair... no problem, I trained in Italy under Master Chef Antonio Race. While my culinary history is now diverse and I have certainly developed my on style... nothing beats an intentional mix of the very best antipasti imaginable. Of course everything I do is customized for the particular experience, but you can be certain that local, fresh, organic, ingredients with a concentration on varieties of colors, textures, and flavors will be present. You can also expect as aways... a joke, poem, and/or a toast or two!


What We Do!

Wine Sampling
Cooking Class
Preparing Cocktails


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